Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Style Icon/ Eugenie Niarchos

She's the daughter of a Greek shipping heir, the best friend of Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess of Monaco. Born in New York but spent most of her life in Paris , Eugenie is  a  leading figure on the european art, fashion, and social scene. A  front row regular at many fashion shows, style icon and from 2007 a jewelry designer , she launched the Czarina Collection in collaboration with her childhood friend Gaia Repossi.
 She prefers to hide behind a veil of discretion, to play hide and seek with a smile and a light, elusive sense of humour. "At the moment", she says, "I have decided to dedicate myself to travel, to gather impressions freely and collect sensations, memories, images and cultural inspirations. I do not feel I belong to any one single place. Of Greece, the cradle of my family on the paternal side, I love the light, the idea of a living classicism, ongoing to this day, the enamel skies, the sea water woven with reflections of the sun where I go for long swims. But perhaps the city to which I am most closely linked is Paris, where I spent much of my childhood and early adolescence. When I have not been there for a while, I feel an overwhelming desire to return."

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